WORDUTOPIA, was devised in 2004, by a writer who wished to build his own personal database of words to use in everyday conversation, as well as various writing projects. Over the years, it has grown to include a wealth of other features such as customised tests, with special time considerations, phrase capturing, to remind you how to use the word in everyday conversation, Hints, Reverse Testing, Add to Skipped List, Add to Favourites List, Note taking, Sharing folders and tests online. It's even got a Forum section now, where users can meet new friends and share tips and tricks.

Anyone can use WORDUTOPIA regardless of how good or how bad their present command of English vocabulary is. And since no one person can remember the meaning of every word in the English dictionary, there is no excuse for anyone saying they would not benefit from using it - so don't be a snob!


It's one thing to create a comprehensive list of words and definitions to learn - and quite another to be able to recall those words at will when writing or verbalising articulate sentences. That’s where WORDUTOPIA comes in.

Imagine an application that allowed you to build your own personalised database of interesting words that you could later test your understanding of in a purely random fashion? Imagine you could also enter into that database, the phrase which you read or heard those words being expressed with? Imagine during one such test, you could pause to define a word, find a synonym, add it to a Skip list for post-test review, or add it to a Favourites list for use in a piece that you are currently writing? Imagine being able to share your words with other users online - or even your customised tests? WORDUTOPIA lets you do all this – and more!

                                                                                                                        Talk about loving the sound of your own voice!

Main features:

• Build your own Customised database of words

• Add the phrase that you noted each word being expressed with

• Edit words and phrases at any time

• Randomly test your understanding of these words 

• Define words using Word Web’s dictionary stored on your computer, or use the auto-link to the free online dictionary 

• Find a synonym

• Choose whether or not to see the captured phrase during testing

• Create a HINT to help you recall the meaning of a word during testing

• Structure each test to suit your mood e.g. let the application select  words for the test or select them yourself

• Set the time spent deliberating on each word during testing or choose an overall test time

• Reverse the test, so that you see the definition and have to recall the database WORD

• Get a breakdown of your test results on an ongoing basis

• Create notes to assist you in resitting tests, or indeed to help you research books, articles and course material etc

• Search and Edit your notes

• View archived tests

• Share your words and tests with other users online

• Add the shared words and tests of other users to your database

Additional features:

• Launch Wikipedia on the Internet

• Launch online Calculator

• Launch Google Maps

• Launch Currency Converter on the Internet

• Launch World Clocks on the Internet

• Launch online Translator

Before long, it will dawn on you that WORDUTOPIA’s basic testing principles can be adapted for use with any test subject, which is why the inventor also devised QUESTER. Instead of testing yourself on word definitions, you'll take questions on any subject you care to study, whilst maintaining all the wonderful features of Wordutopia.

Recently, CHOICER was added to the company's suite of products, a multiple choice test builder. As with Quester, to see it in action simply click on the HOME link and then on the relevant application icon at the top of the page. (to continue with this summary, scroll down).

If that’s not enough, you can even submit your own suggestions to the creators of WORDUTOPIA on how to improve it further—we aim to please!

We're so confident you're going to love WORDUTOPIA we're offering you a free month's trial. Thereafter it's only £2 / month, or less if you pay in advance.

Thank you for visiting our cloud, and we wish you all the success for the future!